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PEST Sydney delivers competitively priced, professional and effective pest control & management services through out Sydney.

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You can expect pest controllers with vast experience and working with a variety of tried-and-tested resources which have helped hundreds of customers who have tried the well-known brands and smaller operations and found them lacking in expertise.

PEST Sydney takes pride in promoting the perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients, we work to deliver a professional approach to every pest control job with quick response times and attention to detail.

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PEST Sydney has aspirations to become the leading supplier of pest control services in Sydney, with a growing number of pest exterminators throughout Sydney. Whether your problem is in residential or commercial premises, PEST Sydney is capable of sourcing the quickest response and the best value for money pest removal services throughout the city.

From specialist heat treatments for bed bugs to mice and rodent control, including termite, spider and snake assistance, PEST Sydney leaves no aspect of pest control uncovered.

Pest Control Sydney Reviews

With professional pest control exterminators working across the city we work with many clients every day. With a friendly service at the right price comes happy customers who have kindly taken the time to write a review on our services.

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Having moved into a new apartment, we quickly discovered a concerning amount of cockroaches. After failed DIY attempts, we contacted Pest Project who had a friendly guy with us the same evening. A bit more expensive that I had hoped but they cured our problem.

For more honest reviews from our most recent clients, please visit our Google + page.

Commercial Pest Control In Sydney (Pest Management)

PEST Sydney has a growing number of commercial clients around the city (pest management). A pest invasion can happen to any business whether a food premise, bar, cafe or office and is certainly no reflection of your services. Unfortunately given the nature, a pest invasion can be both costly in monetary terms as well as reputation.

Commercial pest control services will quickly clear an infestation at an affordable price. Following a successful treatment, a full assessment will be conducted to establish why the pests became a problem in the first place. Often this is down to matters that a business owner can control such as cleanliness & waste removal.

Pest Control & Bug Management

By identifying the root cause of the pest invasion we can educate you in preventative measures. It is imperative that you follow these instructions to stop the same situation arising again.

The technicians that carry out the pest control Sydney will use a wide variety of insecticides and rodenticides which have been tested and passed as safe to use in around your business. Where access is possible by your staff or the general public, we make sure to use tamper-proof pest control measures such as bait stations.

Pest Control Sydney

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Pest Control For Your Home​

Using the latest specialist equipment and pest control training, combined with many years of experience, PEST Sydney will deliver effective pest control to your property. Having gathered the necessary information from you such as severity, possible route causes etc, we can begin to apply the necessary controls.

In a residential environment, we put risk controls in place to keep you, your family and pets safe from any treatments we have applied. Special tamper-proof stations are used and we attempt to visit at a time when we will cause the least disturbance. It is important that you listen carefully to our advice to ensure effective treatment.


Sydney Pest Control

Services carried out by PEST Sydney are done so in a safe, controlled and humane way. No unnecessary stress is caused to you or the pests that we are treating. If you have any concerns, please raise these during our initial assessment and we will advise accordingly. All treatments are environmentally and health friendly to your family and pets.

Fumigation Services In Sydney

PEST Sydney utilises a range of techniques to ensure complete eradication. One of those pest control Sydney techniques is fumigation. Even if you’re on a tight budget, enlist our help and we’ll make sure you are free of all flying and crawling insects.

Fumigation services are suitable for your property if you have a heavy infestation of carpet beetles, flies, fleas, moths, silverfish, spiders and any other insects.

Bugs, Rodents, Termites

The treatment comes in four stages. First, our pest control technician will complete a thorough examination. The examination is required to calculate the extent of the infestation, the area to be treated and any measures necessary to ensure the treatment is effective.

Secondly, the treatment is then carried out by your pest exterminator. Your property will undergo a rigorous fumigation utilising the latest scientific techniques. The insecticides that are used during your fumigation treatment are supplied by a leading pest control supplier based in Sydney. We use the best products to ensure maximum protection for your property and to prevent further flying and crawling insects from bothering you. 

The third step of the treatment will require you to vacuum the premises thoroughly, leaving windows wide open to allow fresh air to pass through. It is recommended that you do not clean the treated areas for 3-4 days for maximum effect.

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Fumigation treatments in most cases are carried out in a single visit. Should we be required to return for any reason please call to arrange an appointment.

The fourth and final step of a successful fumigation treatment is education and a thorough pest inspection. Our pest control technician will prepare a detailed report on what has been treated along with some advice on how to prevent reoccurrence.

Fumigation treatments are ideal for ensuring that your commercial premises remains compliant with health and safety regulations. All of our technicians and treatments comply with local health and safety laws.

Pest Control Sydney

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Cockroach Pest Control In Sydney

Cockroaches are rife throughout the city and they are one of the most regularly treated pests that we encounter. Their ability to breed quickly and survive most DIY / off the shelf treatments leads to frustration and an inevitable visit from out cockroach control team.

Cockroaches not only scare friends / family / customers, they also carry a major health risk. Cockroaches have been linked to the spread of damaging diseases which can have profound negative effects.

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Diseases such as salmonella, gastroenteritis and dysentery have all been linked to cockroaches. Contamination may have occurred by cockroaches passing through / over food stores, kitchen utensils, cutlery etc.

Cockroach droppings appear as minute black specks, almost unnoticeable. Droppings also have worrying consequences such as eczema and asthma in children.

Should you encounter any of these symptoms on your home / property / business then we advise you to give us a call on 02 8203 8768. If you would prefer a call back, please fill out your details here.

Sydney Pest Control FAQ​

Check out some of the questions that we are often asked regarding pest control Sydney. If you can’t find an answer, feel free to call us on 02 8203 8768.

PEST Sydney offers a comprehensive pest control service in Sydney and is a leading pest exterminator. Each of our services is carried out by a certified, insured and experienced technician. Services can include specialist bug treatments that have flooded your home (Sydney’s finest flies, cockroaches), bed bug heat treatments to stop the bites or rodent control if you have rats or mice causing issues.

As well as the above we can supply assistance with snakes, spiders and any other dangerous animals you may come in to contact with during your day.

Our Sydney based technicians cover the entire city. We have dealt with a range of rodent issues in the CBD, bed bug infestations in Bondi, pests in Penrith and Cockroaches in Campbelltown.

We do offer a same day call out service for those emergencies where you require professional help dependant on the location of our technicians. It would be best to book this service via a quick call to our head office on 02 8203 8768.

Absolutely. Whilst the domestic environment poses slightly different challenges to our commercial work, our experienced workforce will have all of the tools and know how to tackle your problem. Our domestic infestation service will consist of a thorough pest inspection to determine the cause and how to prevent further infestations from occurring again.

Pest control Sydney services vary in price as no two infestations are the same. Often we will visit your site free of charge to accurately assess the severity of your problem problem. If possible, we will begin treatment straight away and will return to inspect and collect after a few days of treatment.

For an accurate estimation on price we recommend you contact us and one of our team will discuss your needs and give price estimations. Be wary of fixed priced treatments.

As mentioned above, we are very lucky to have many happy customers, some who have taken the time to review our services.

We will feature some of those reviews on this page in time to come but for now please head over to our Google + page where you can find our latest reviews.

Yes we do. We have a number of existing commercial clients through out the city, many in the hospitality niche. So if you’re a bar, restaurant, hostel etc then reach out and find out how our services can solidify the future of your business. Services include regular pest inspections.

Sydney has a range of pests some of which are quite dangerous! We’ve written a post on some of the common pests, you can find this on our blog page.

The most common pest that we deal with is cockroaches, a hardened pest that often evades typical DIY pest control methods. We also deal with other bugs, rats, termites, spiders and the occasional snake!

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